Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Big Switch

While doing research today on other blog's and sites talking about the Computing Cloud/Utility Computing I ran across a link to the book "The Big Switch" by Nicholas G. Carr. The topic, covered here, seems to be right on.

Mr. Carr seems to be covering exactly the trend we here at eCloudM are exploring.

I also ran across a great Blog written by James Urquhart covering the topic of Service Level Automation.

Service Level Automation in the Datacenter: Agile Computing Catches Up to the Data Center

There are some interesting correlations between Service Level Automation, Utility Computing and the Computing Cloud.

I wonder if using the Term Service Level Automation (SLA) causes confusion when presenting the ideas and topics into the business community. I have most often seen SLA refer to Service Level Agreements. While similar in concept, they are very different in implementation.

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